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Briefly about mimeini - Mikkel Meinike Nielsen

    I was born in Frederiksberg (Copenhagen) in 1969, but grew up in Aarhus. Educated as a modern dancer in 1995 worked both as a professional performer and in other positions until 2013 where I trained as a SOSU Assistant. Was in a very difficult marriage, which led to my then wife and my two children being forcibly removed. This led me to become an activist and organizer initially in the area of unfair placement of children. However, when the Corona initiatives began to roll out in 2020, my focus shifted from the specific focus on children's issues to a more generalized focus on the great deception that I believe the entire Covid-19 staging is and on the underlying agenda.

    With a background as a dancer and with a great interest in dance and movement, it was only natural that my activism took shape in something that was related to this.

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    My activism consists primarily of trying to convey some things that I have recently become aware of.

    An insight that the world's population is figuratively speaking on board a plane that has been hijacked without us noticing, and that the plane is on its way to a place none of us want to go.

    The hijackers are a global oligarchy and over the past 50 years they have established themselves in control of all our major international cooperation organizations - UN, EU, WHO, WEF etc.

    Under the guise of grand plans signed by almost all world leaders; plans to curb pandemics, place for sustainable development, plans to offset poverty, plans to address climate change or to protect the planet's biodiversity they work towards their hidden goals.

    They are gradually pushing the world community towards a global technocratic rule.

    A technocratic society is one that is governed by appointed officials and experts based on the idea that humanity's modern problems are too complex and too urgent for elected politicians and sovereign nations to handle.

    We can already see this form of supranational governance playing out, for example, during the declared Covid pandemic where the WHO set out the guidelines which almost all countries followed with few variations.

    On the outside, the technocratic ideas are presented as necessary measures in the face of an escalating crisis, but behind the scenes the plans are about something completely different.

    It is about the absolute takeover of power by the oligarchy - or the monopoly economic cartel. The execution of a plan for a society where a small power elite owns everything, can do everything, controls everything and where the rest of the world's population is reduced to obedient subjects who can do nothing, own nothing and control nothing.

    Although this must be said to be a rather gloomy message, there is a positive side to it. A side about human potential.

    The narrative that the technocrats put forward is not truthful. We are not facing imminent (self-inflicted) disasters or life-threatening pandemics. Instead, we are expose to a carefully staged manipulation.

    The monopoly economic cartel that wants to "sell us" the solution is also the one that distributes the problem - a well-known sales strategy blown up on a very large scale.

    But if many of the problems we face are artificially created or the narrative about them is manipulated out of proportion, then this means that we are in reality in a better situation than we expect.

"Noble is man
The earth is rich
If there is hunger and distress
It is due to fraud"

    This is said in the third verse of Nordahl Grieg's beautiful song "Kring sat af fjender (Surrounded by enemies)". It makes the point about human potential very nicely. We are not on the brink of a climate catastrophe, we are not on the verge of being wiped out by a pandemic and we do not need a corrupt technocracy to rule us.

    It is especially the latter that I focus on in my activism. The creation of events with an emphasis on human potential and its unfolding. I try to create spaces that invite the exchange of thoughts around the above themes, but where there is also room to meet across different attitudes and experience the joy of simply being together and dancing and having a good time together with some good music.

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Blog and Projects

    You can get an overview of most of my projects and activities by going to the blog and projects page.

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Martial arts for Freedom Fighters

    In May 2021, we were a small group that started training martial arts together with Søren Emil de Roepstorff as trainer/Sensai. We train a martial art called Daito-ryu Aikijujutsu. The project has it's own page where you can read more.

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    Throughout my life I have created three small "books" which are all available online for free. It was perhaps more reasonable to call them booklets rather than books as none of them are more than 30 pages long. Below is a brief description of these publications and links to them.

After all, I was just abused as a child

    A 22-page memoir about Aase Jacobsen's life. A life characterized by mistreatment and sexual assault. The book was written in collaboration between Aase Jacobsen and Mikkel Meinike Nielsen in the years 2019 and 2020. You can read the book here. Unfortunately it's only available in Danish.

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Puzzle pieces in Andreas Heiberg's life

    In 2014, in connection with an internship in home care, I met a man named Andras Heiberg. We got on really well and Andreas had an exciting life and some exciting relationships. Andreas was affected by Altheimer's dementia and stories from his life came out in small flashes when he thought of them. I started making drawings for some of his stories and writing them down and, together with him, trying to reconstruct and put the pieces together into a small illustrated book. I gave Andreas the synonym "X Xvang" in my first edition of the book. However, Andreas has now already been dead for a number of years and I don't think there is any reason to keep his name a secret any longer.

The book in PDF format in Danish

The Silver Door - A children's book about sex

    The Silver Door is a project that I worked on a lot for a number of years back in the first ten years of the zeros. The book is a picture book with painted pictures and it is inspired by the outlook on life and aesthetics of the Rudolf Steiner movement.

    The book is available in three languages: English , German and danish

The silver door - A children's book about sex

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Virus Science and the story of Stefan Lanka

    The whole Covid story led me on the trail of the German marine biologist and virologist Stefan Lanka. I have made some videos in which I retell and convey in my own way Lanka's way forward towards the surprising conclusion that the virus is a fantasy construct and that the scientific basis for the theory of the "contagious virus" is erroneous.

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