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February 01, 2023

Viruses, science and the story of Stefan Lanka

This video is the first of two videos that explain the German biologist and virologist Stefan Lankas (born 1963), especially around the phenomenon of viruses. Danish-born artist, mediator and practical nurse Mikkel Meinike Nielsen explains in a personal, lively and easily understandable way the prevailing understanding of viruses, infection, genes and bacteria and the scientific problems Lanka discovers in relation to these prevailing frameworks of understanding. The presentation follows Lanka's life and the events leading up to his scientific discoveries.

Video duration approximately 3 hours

    The second video in the series follows Stefan Lank's trial in the years 2012 - 2017, a trial which takes place in the German criminal justice system and which concerns the scientific evidence for the existence of the measles virus. This video has not yet been completed.

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