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Next Hocus Pocus Party takes place:

Copenhagen, Nytorv, Saturday 27, July, 2024, 7pm until midnight

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About Hocus Pocus Party

    HocusPocusParty is a regularly recurring dance protest; A political outdoor disco

    HocusPocusParty has two purposes. The first is simply to create a party and atmosphere on the street. A space for expression, joy and spontaneous gatherings with others to the sound of good music.

    The second is about informing and visualizing the fact that a powerful monopoly economic cartel has infiltrated our society over the past 50 years, distorted our common sense and manipulated our human values (Read more about this here)

    This is illustrated through different themes and focus areas, which change from time to time.

Linup of 9 Hocus Pocus Party speakers

    At the bottom of the page you will find many more small video clips from Hocus Pocus Party.

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Solar power

I little icon showing a sun, a solar panel and a bettery

    Hocus Pocus Party's unique music system is powered by lithium batteries. These lithium batteries are charged in before the event is held via a private (off-grid) solar system. Hocus Pocus Party run 100% on solar energy.

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Community dances

    I (Mikkel Meinike Nielsen - dj mimeini) originally trained as a modern dancer and have taught a lot of dance. Therefore, it was very natural that I involved some different forms of dance lessons / group dances in the Hocus Pocus Party concept. One of these dances became very popular and became a signature dance of sorts for the freedom movement and dance demonstrations. It is about the South African song from .2019 Jerusalema by Master KG. The song, together with a special African group dance, became known on the social media Tik-Tok and on Youtube during 2020.I have made a video that tells a little about the dance and the music and shows the steps. You can find it here.

Jerusalema Dansen Background and Tutoria

However, Jerusalema has been joined by a whole series of other joint dances in our repattour. There is Zorba's dance, No farmers no food - dance, Latino (Danza Kuduro), Cha Cha Slide, Dance Encore, Freedom samba and more.

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The evolution of Hocus Pocus Party

    Hocus Pocus Party started 1 May 2020 with Mikkel Meinike Nielsen (dj mimeini) taking his backpack speaker on his back. and invited to the 1 May dance event in the community park.

Backpack Speaker

    It developed into a recurring dance event that took place in Fælledparken every Tuesday throughout the summer. When autumn took hold I put the event on hold, but it wasn't long before Søren Ventegodt breathed new life into the concept by inviting Hocus Pocus Party and dj mimeini to the city for a series of outdoor autumn dance events in connection with OOC's (Organization for Information on Corona) exhibition "Flame of Freedom" which was set up at Nytorv in Copenhagen. Thus, Hocus Pocus Party moved from being an afternoon event to becoming an evening event and it moved from the community park and into the city.

Dance demo

    The dance demo idea was quickly taken up by experienced party performers in Copenhagen. A group with roots in the now defunct "Paradisco". It was Dj Lars Lovely who was the regular element in these parties which took place every Friday in the town hall square in Copenhagen throughout the winter of 20 - 21 and into the spring and summer. There were thus two fixed and stable recurring dance demonstrations in Copenhagen. Hocus Pocus Party at Nytorv every other Saturday (odd weeks) and "Dance for freedom / Dance with the heart" every Friday at Rådhuspladsen. Placements could vary a little as it was not/is always possible to get the same places as other things also take place in these places.SHAn exploration of technical possibilities

    As mentioned earlier on this page, since March 2023 the Hocus Pocus Party has been run exclusively on solar energy. The batteries that run the system are charged via my own private (off-grit) solar system.

    Hocus Pocus Party here throughout has been an exploration of technical possibilities. All the equipment is home-built by me (Mikkel Meinike Nielsen) and I continuously change and adapt the equipment. There are a number of requirements for the equipment. It must be able to be on a bicycle which must be able to enter an S-train, so that I can bring the equipment with me from Farum to Copenhagen. It must be energy efficient so that I can play for many hours on batteries at full blast.

To create an experience that the dancers are surrounded by sound, I use eight "open baffle" speakers and a central "bass reflex" speaker, which I set up along three sides of the "dance floor". In this way, the music is distributed and the dancers get an experience of being surrounded by sound. At the same time, the sound is not that loud outside the dance floor, which is an advantage in relation to neighbors and the surrounding environment.

Bike and equipment for HocusPocusParty on the train Three small amplifiers HocusPocusParty set up at Nytorv in Copenhagen Loudspeakers in a circle around lying person Speakers under construction

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dj mimeini

    Mimeini is an artist name that I (Mikkel Meinike Nielsen) have used for many years. Because of my work with HocusPocusParty, I started to build an identity and a style as a DJ and I was offered some opportunity to play as a DJ in contexts other than my own HocusPocusParty. I have therefore chosen my old alias mimeini as my dj name - dj mimeini. I prefer to play from two phones and my own homemade mixer, where I can mix a bit from the music service Spotify and from my own mp3 files. As a rule, I continuously make a playlist via the queue function on spotify or on my local playback app (blackplayer). I like to leave the "mixer desk" and go out dancing myself as often as possible. I put the playlist together on an ongoing basis, so that I can constantly be inspired by what is happening and those who are present. For the most part, I am receptive to requests if I think it fits into the program and the atmosphere and if I feel that there is respect for the overall experience. In addition to that, I also like to sing a few songs into the microphone myself, usually I open with one song and end with another.

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HocusPocusParty videos

    Over time, I have recorded quite a few live streams from our various events. Many from Fælledparken, where dance lessons are included. Many of them have had the sound removed in whole or in part due to copyright issues. I'm going to post a series of links to the live streams available on Facebook. My plan is to gradually ad more video clips as I find time for it.

20 minute video from the very first Hocus Pocus Party in Fælledparken, Copenhagen 1st of May 2020